Is it career/love/companion/loneliness?

Is it career/love/companion/loneliness?

Is there anything which is bothering you? Are you able to find out what it is?

Is it career, love, companion, loneliness? or Is it all of them?

Well, it might sound blunt but dear friends- It’s just a thought your mind develops when you lose control over yourself. We are born to live this journey called life, so why are we afraid and what are we afraid of? We all know that Death is certain so why not live life, enjoy every moment, make every single memory cherish. I know that it’s easy to say then to do but if I wouldn’t have done, I wouldn’t be able to write all these. It’s an experience I am putting down to make your life little easy.

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Where is your better half?

Being human we all are materialistic and emotional. It’s the beautiful moments, memories and feelings which can never be forgotten. And along with it comes LOVE which shouldn’t be taken for granted.In search of better half

LOVE is one of the most important base to our existence, happiness, life journey. Like the EQ in professionalism, in personal life Love is a necessity to live the present and future. Everyone is looking for a reason, a purpose to live directly or indirectly. What most of us don’t realize that in this busy world we have actually forgot to Read More

Are you trapped in your own world?

Since childhood we have been asked by people around us about our passion, work, education which eventually in bigger term have forced us to think about the purpose of our life in this big cosmos. And why not? Since childhood we have been told that God created us and being a creator he has given a purpose to us in the world and hence for the whole life, we try our best to find out what that purpose is.

And yes, many of us are even successful to find the purpose while others are still struggling to find theirs. Those who have found the purpose of their lives feel safe, secure and believe that they have finally gained identity in the world. But is this really true?

God has given us life to live. Running after searching for purposes we ourselves are restricting us to explore the options available and hence make our mind Read More

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Depression: A social stigma: Not really!!

It is as common as the fact that the way sun rises each day; people also wake up with innumerable hopes and wishes! We start our days with a smile and the thought that all our dreams are fulfilled. However, equally common is that there are innumerable of us who wake up in the morning but sans hope and sometimes unexplained sadness.

Yes these are the people who suffer from this phase of continuous sadness for days, months or even years together. But, my friend even this is very normal. We are not machines in which only happy mode is turned on like a switch.  However, one thing to note is that if the phase continuous for a very long period of times it may be depression and should be handled with utmost care. Read More

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The power of love!

Yes you read it right,

Love is such a beautiful and powerful feeling. It can be of various forms, love for parents, friends, spouse etc.It is so powerful that it can heal the deepest wound in your soul the untouched agony that you could never speak of or that you never ever realized that Read More

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Be free: Let there be LIGHT

Let nothing disturb thee, let nothing fright thee, For all things pass, God never changeth!

With this, I would like to comfort those of you who are feeling low, depressed and lost. There can be numerous reasons for feeling so; it can be due to a failed relationship, marriage, domestic violence, failure in professional life, or even over possessiveness of loved ones…yes this can be a reason too! Wherein the fact that your family or spouse loves Read More

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Psychology: Positive or Negative?

As humans, we are trained to live in creating perception and holding ourselves in a shell of preconceived notions.

Psychology and Perception

For instance, the moment somebody uses the word Psychology, we refer to as something very negative and a kind of stigma.But, my dear friends, there is something called positive psychology. The infinite possibilities, the power of subconscious minds, telepathy.

It is not an art but science that by understanding Read More

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