Are you trapped in your own world?

Are you trapped in your own world?

Since childhood we have been asked by people around us about our passion, work, education which eventually in bigger term have forced us to think about the purpose of our life in this big cosmos. And why not? Since childhood we have been told that God created us and being a creator he has given a purpose to us in the world and hence for the whole life, we try our best to find out what that purpose is.

And yes, many of us are even successful to find the purpose while others are still struggling to find theirs. Those who have found the purpose of their lives feel safe, secure and believe that they have finally gained identity in the world. But is this really true?

God has given us life to live. Running after searching for purposes we ourselves are restricting us to explore the options available and hence make our mind restricted to only one option. We are moving towards identifying the trap for ourselves which eventually lead to creation of a wall of self-preservation around us. We have imprisoned ourselves in our own thoughts and are guided by our thoughts and emotions. We are just creating things in our mind and believing it to be true.Time for change

We are living in a world which is huge with plethora of things happening around us and if we have restricted ourselves to a single thing we will certainly not get experience of other things in the world. Life is a never ending process and staying in a self-created trap will not help us to live it fully. Life is important within us and around us. It is the only thing we know and rest everything is imaginary- even God for that matter! And instead of knowing our life we try to find a meaning of our life. And a failed attempt of finding a meaning sometimes leads to bringing an end to life. What is forgotten by us in that situation is that we are a piece of life and the world exists because of us.  And even if we spent 10,000 years looking at our life we will not know it entirely. So, there is always a room to explore, to know about the things.

How to overcome the trap?

So, we should not lead our psychological structure restrict or limit us. We should break the walls of self-imprisonment and stop searching for the purpose.

To overcome this, enormous amount of balance is required. Further to this, it is required to dismantle the psychological structure and break the trap. Dismantling the psychological structure without a balance would not result in anything. In difficult situations, to keep ourselves calm we try to dismantle our psychological structure with the help of alcohol/narcotics. However, this is an attempt of failure as in this case we have not set the balance and directly jumped to dismantle the psyche. So, try to balance your life and then dismantle your psyche and start exploring the options around you.

Love the life you live. Live the life you love

Your purpose is to live, live totally before you fall dead. Make sure every aspect of life is explored and lived fully. And by this even if you don’t explore cosmos, your life will be explored- in all the dimensions and nothing untouched.

-This blog is inspired by Sadhguru.

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