Be free: Let there be LIGHT

Be free: Let there be LIGHT

Let nothing disturb thee, let nothing fright thee, For all things pass, God never changeth!

With this, I would like to comfort those of you who are feeling low, depressed and lost. There can be numerous reasons for feeling so; it can be due to a failed relationship, marriage, domestic violence, failure in professional life, or even over possessiveness of loved ones…yes this can be a reason too! Wherein the fact that your family or spouse loves you to the extent of choking can make you feel low.

Our souls are basically free; we are the kind of species who like to be set-free and also be in the usual bondage of families and loved ones.  A very thoughtful and calculated balance between care and letting one free is crucial for inner peace and happiness sans which one can go berserk.

But, no matter whatever is the situation, no matter in how much pain, physical or mental you are in, one day you will be freed from all of it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, so keeping this in mind, one should patiently wait for the storm to pass and always visualize oneself as a happy and successful person. Since it is a well-known fact that, you always receive what you truly wish for!

Hence my dear friends, face the challenges with stride since yes, happy times are waiting for you as eagerly as you are waiting for it!!


  • Akshay Mahajan | Aug 19,2017

    Great Article !

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