Depression: A social stigma: Not really!!

Depression: A social stigma: Not really!!

It is as common as the fact that the way sun rises each day; people also wake up with innumerable hopes and wishes! We start our days with a smile and the thought that all our dreams are fulfilled. However, equally common is that there are innumerable of us who wake up in the morning but sans hope and sometimes unexplained sadness.

Yes these are the people who suffer from this phase of continuous sadness for days, months or even years together. But, my friend even this is very normal. We are not machines in which only happy mode is turned on like a switch.  However, one thing to note is that if the phase continuous for a very long period of times it may be depression and should be handled with utmost care.

An untold ailment that we are too shy to share about, fearing that others will consider us mad! But the fact is like any other physical disease even this is pretty normal and can be cured with medication, warmth and compassion.

Reasons can vary from low self-esteem, broken marriage, failed relationship, or possible no reason at all. Having said that, if ever you come across such people around you try and be empathetic and provide your time to them in just listening to their fears. All that is needed is a person who can simply listen to their pain.

It is a well-known fact that men/ boys are not allowed to cry, but crying is something that should never be curbed. A boy should never be ashamed if he has tears in his eyes. Let the pain come out in the form of tears.

Life is a beautiful journey, off course with some hardships as well; so instead of just living in this past and feeling bad for the worst things that you have faced, live NOW, and this will at least ensure that in the present moment you are happy and without worry!

On this note, wishing all my readers good health: mental as well as physical and may each one of you be blessed with a healthy and happy life.



  • Akshay Mahajan | Aug 19,2017

    Amazing Article ! Very Uplifting article! Great Stuff !

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