Psychology: Positive or Negative?

Psychology: Positive or Negative?

As humans, we are trained to live in creating perception and holding ourselves in a shell of preconceived notions.

Psychology and Perception

For instance, the moment somebody uses the word Psychology, we refer to as something very negative and a kind of stigma.But, my dear friends, there is something called positive psychology. The infinite possibilities, the power of subconscious minds, telepathy.

It is not an art but science that by understanding someone’s behavioral patterns, thought process, fears, inhibitions and things that a person likes, we can train them to help achieve everything that they want.

The first step towards this is to understand the basics- that neither books nor any literature can provide.Begin with understanding yourself, what makes you smile, what makes you sad, the dreams that does not allow you to sleep the dreams that you watch again and again when you sleep. Yes, there is a difference between the two, the things that does not allow you to sleep are the things that you really want to achieve; while the ones that you usually watch while you sleep are the ones that are somewhere store in your subconscious mind things that are unaccomplished, and somewhere in your heart you feel you will never be able to fulfill them.

Psychology is a gift to mankind; we are the best friends first to ourselves, we should make some effort to try and understand ourselves beater, and be as honest as possible. And then, make a list of everything that matters and work based on that. After doing all this, we can also help to cure other people, make them understand their worth. Because, no matter, where you are born, what you do, you are always worthy and can always be of use to others too.

So this weekend, for a change, instead of watching a movie, hitting the gym or partying, do the best thing…understand  yourself – an effort if done properly will be beneficial for your entire life.


  • Akshay Mahajan | Aug 19,2017

    Brilliant article !

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