The power of love!

The power of love!

Yes you read it right,

Love is such a beautiful and powerful feeling. It can be of various forms, love for parents, friends, spouse etc.It is so powerful that it can heal the deepest wound in your soul the untouched agony that you could never speak of or that you never ever realized that you were suffering from.

Human are social animals and all that it craves for us is love! This four lettered letter can transform a person to his or her bests version. It helps you in understanding the beauty of your own self in the entire process. The way you try to adjust for others, the way you think more for the other person, perseverance, patience, the happiness that you feel in the victory of the other person. This is incredibly true and beautiful beyond words that Love is next to God. One attains purity of soul when in true Love. And my dear friends, I am not referring to just the love for your spouse, partner, it refers to mother child love, sibling love etc.

So, take a pause and simply realize, the most beautiful feeling called love, the faster heart-beats, sense e of contentment, and keep distributing it to all those who come in contact with you. As it is a well-known fact, that whatever you send, comes back to you from the Universe!


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