Where is your better half?

Where is your better half?

Being human we all are materialistic and emotional. It’s the beautiful moments, memories and feelings which can never be forgotten. And along with it comes LOVE which shouldn’t be taken for granted.In search of better half

LOVE is one of the most important base to our existence, happiness, life journey. Like the EQ in professionalism, in personal life Love is a necessity to live the present and future. Everyone is looking for a reason, a purpose to live directly or indirectly. What most of us don’t realize that in this busy world we have actually forgot to love (may be our parents, siblings, friends, hobby, better half etc.) and searching everywhere to actually try to achieve it.

You may be more into money, career etc. but did you actually realize what you love? Are you happy? Are you satisfied?

Two bodies united into one

According to mythology, HUMAN RACE was created with 2 face, 4 hands and 4 legs and the most interesting part isTwo bodies were joint as one. However, after realization they were cut into 2 bodies as ‘Male and Female’. And that is why Life journey is designed to find your better half. It would have been very simple for you to connect with your better half, but then there would have been no fun.

Hence, various elements like individuality, hatred, jealousy, stubbornness, sacrifice, compromise came into existence to add spice to life. It is not necessary as to whom we love will love us back the same and on the other side, as humans we cannot stop expecting the return. But the most important realization is that may be the person is not actually your other part which was cut and separated. You feel extremely hurt and the feeling is very true. And Most of us even stop looking forward to meet new people because of that. But the important thing to realize here is ONLY TIME can heal things, and time is not in your control.Love and Compassion

Everyone needs a companion at some point of life, no one knows if he/she is your better half created by universe or not. In today’s generation the biggest issue faced by youth is TRUST & LOYALTY. We spend time in doubt, jealousy, possessiveness and all such negative thoughts affect a relation. So my dearest friends- If you love someone, don’t expect anything, trust them, be loyal and your KARMA will support you and manifest your desire.

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